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In 2003 'Madaf' and 'Plazit Packaging', both leading manufacturers of disposable plastic food packaging in Israel, merged becoming 'Madaf-Plazit Packaging'.


Main Activities:

  • Manufacturing extruded and coextruded plastic rolls.
  • Manufacturing high quality thermoplastic packaging products.
  • Printing cups/lids in a variety of colors by dry offset methods.
  • Using the very latest method of sleeving of high quality printed labels.
  • Labeling of a wide variety of cups, such as yogurt cheese, etc.
  • Providing services to all leading dairies & retailers in Israel with a market share of more than 75%.
  • Providing packaging and export services to leading markets such as Western Europe and the U.S
  • We offer our customers the opportunity to acquire, according to specific requirements, custom-made products designed by our team of leading industry professionals.

Main Products:

  • Polypropylene (PP) and Polystyrene (PS) rolls for thermoforming, produced in a wide range of gauges, colors and dimensions.
  • PP and PS cups, lids and trays - An extensive range of products in many sizes, diameters, and colors mainly for use in the dairy and food industries but also used for other applications, such as detergents.
  • Multi layer thermoforming cups and containers for the fresh food industry. 


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